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Swing is a musical term that describes music played with the rhythmic emphasis is on the off-beat, and a triplet feel to the eight notes - what we call a swing rhythm. Swing music originated in the early 1930s out of traditional New Orleans jazz. A main difference between the two is that New Orleans jazz has a two-beat rhythm (think of the oom-pah sounds of a tuba), as opposed to the steady, driving four-beat rhythm of swing.


Some sub-genres of swing include Big Band swing and Gypsy jazz, and although not technically swing, New Orleans or Traditional jazz enjoys much popularity within the modern swing dance scene.

Here are some of our very favorite swing songs for your dancing pleasure. Check out our youtube channel for more!

Flying Home

Recorded by Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra (1942)

Shiny Stockings

Recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra (1957)

Let Me Off Uptown

Recorded by Gene Krupa featuring Anita O'Day (1941)

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