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January 20-22, 2017 in Vancouver, BC


There will be two class levels at Rhythm Jam. There will be a combined class on Saturday morning with all participants; you will be sorted in to two groups based on what we see in this class. We will be looking not only at your dancing skill, but also how quickly you learn new material and pick up on subtleties. We will strive to find a natural break in the participants, and place you with other students who are closest in level and learning style. Our goal is not to determine whether you are an "intermediate" or "advanced" level dancer, but to place you in a class where you will have the best learning experience.

All attendees of Rhythm Jam should be confident social lindy hoppers, able to dance comfortably to mid to high tempo songs. Students should be able to mix six and eight count patterns and swing out with ease. Additionally, you should be familiar with basic charleston figures and solo jazz moves.

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