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Questions, comments, and requests for clarification on our policies can be directed to any member of the VSS Board of Directors or to

The Vancouver Swing Society (VSS) realizes that swing dancing and swing music are exciting and special, and that attendees at VSS events may wish to take photographs or make video recordings of themselves or their friends.  We encourage people to do so (and we hope that you’ll share those pictures or recordings with us!), but to protect the safety and privacy of everyone at our events, we ask that you please observe the following rules when taking recordings:


  • Attendees of events held by the VSS may, unless otherwise directed, take photographs and make audio or video recordings for their personal use.

  • Unless authorized by prior arrangement with the VSS, photographs and recordings must be made using hand-held devices. Stationary equipment such as tripods or light stands may not be used at any time without the express prior permission of the VSS.

  • Permission to take photographs or audio/video recordings may be revoked by the VSS at any time and for any reason.

  • People being photographed or recorded by an attendee may request that they stop such photography or recording at any time and for any reason.

  • Attendees taking photographs or audio/video recordings who do not comply with the subject’s or the VSS’s requests to stop will be asked to leave.

  • People wishing to take photos or recordings for publication must seek prior permission from the VSS and from any subject being filmed or photographed.​

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